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Running a Good Restaurant and Managing your Insurance Costs Go Hand and Hand

If you regularly monitor your restaurant for ways to improve safety and service, it not only enhances the business but it can also lead to big savings on your mass restaurant insurance. Evaluate your business frequently. Look at things such as the building, the equipment, employment practices and even inventory to find ways that you can improve.

Checking your equipment monthly will allow you to notice if something, such as wiring, needs to be replaced or repaired. You’ll also see how well the premises are being maintained by your staff. Proper cleaning procedures can be crucial in avoiding hazards such as fire and workplace injuries. One suggestion is to have regular hood and ventilation cleaning done in the cooking area. This prevents build-up of flammable grease and other residue. Make sure your fire extinguishing system is up to local fire code standards and in good working order as well.

Reviewing employment standards and workplace practices on a monthly basis is also a good idea. Training programs about different aspects of the restaurant may help to lower general liability, liquor liability and workers compensation losses. We strongly suggest having a safety training program in place to teach bartenders and servers how to properly serve alcohol to guests. Obviously training all new service staff before they begin working is essential but re-training current staff is also useful. Training procedures for kitchen staff on the use of meat slicers, deep fryers and other equipment that can cause bodily injury is also essential.

The prevention of customer injuries can cut down the chances of claims. Regular inspections of the dining area, walkway clearances, and furniture can reduce the chances of a patron injury and thus a claim. Maintaining outdoor lighting and security measures will increase the safety rating of your property and can prevent theft and vandalism losses.

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